Cum On Let's Party





Beginnings:  1. Genesis  2. Everybody's Next One  3. Knocking Nails In My House  4. Roach Daddy  5. Ain't Got No Heart  6. Pity The Mother  7. Mad Dog Cole  8. Fly Me High  9. If This World Were Mine  10. Martha  11. Born To Be Wild  12. Journey To The Centre Of Your Mind  Play It Loud:  13. Raven  14. See Us Here  15. Dapple Rose  16. Could I  17. One Way Hotel  18. Shape Of Things To Come  19. Know Who You Are  20. I Remember  21. Pouk Hill  22. Angelina  23. Dirty Joker  24. Sweet Box
Bonus Tracks:
  25. Wild Winds Are Blowing  26. Get Down And Get With It
Remastered by Tim Turan
Playing time: 77:13 Min.
2006  SALVOCD001  -  Union Square Music Ltd.


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Classic Rock Festival 2008

The Shape Of Things To Come /a>
Hear Me Calling

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