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Rolling Stones.

Fortune Teller (Neville) 

Gangster's Maul (Jagger/Richards) 

Get Off Of My Cloud (Jagger/Richards) 

Gimme Shelter (Jagger/Richards) 

Girl From The North Country (Dylan) 

Good Times (Cooke) 

Good Times, Bad Times (Jagger/Richards) 

Good Time Women (Jagger/Richards) 

Going Home (Jagger/Richards) 

Going To A Go Go (Robinson/Moore/Rogers/Tarplin) 

Gomper (Jagger/Richards) 

Gotta Get Away (Jagger/Richards) 

Grown Up Wrong (Jagger/Richards) 

Gunface (Jagger/Richards) 

Hand Of Fate (Jagger/Richards) 

Had It With You (Jagger/Richards/Wood) 

Happy (Jagger/Richards)

Harlem Shuffle (Relf/Nelson) 

Heart Of Stone (Jagger/Richards) 

Hearts For Sale (Jagger/Richards) 

Heaven (Jagger/Richards) 

Hey, Negrita (Jagger/Richards) 

Hide Your Love (Jagger/Richards) 

High And Dry (Jagger/Richards) 

High-Heel Sneakers (Higgenbotham) 

Highwire (Jagger/Richards) 

Hitch Hike (Gaye/Stevenson/Paul) 

Hold Back (Jagger/Richards) 

Honest I Do (Jimmy Reed) 

Hold On To Your Hat (Jagger/Richards) 

Hang Fire (Jagger/Richards)

Honest Man (Jagger/Richards) 

Honky Tonk Women (Jagger/Richards) 

Hot Stuff (Jagger/Richards) 

Hound Dog (Leiber/Stoller) 

How Can I Stop (Jagger/Richards) 

I Am Waiting (Jagger/Richards) 

I Can't Be Satisfied (Morganfield) 

I Can't Help It (Jagger/Richards) 

I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys (Jagger/Richards) 

If I Was A Dancer (Dance Pt 2) (Jagger/Richards) 

If You Can't Rock Me (Jagger/Richards) 

If You Let Me (Jagger/Richards) 

If You Need Me (Bateman/Pickett) 

I'm Alright (Nanker Phelge) 

I Get A Kick Out Of You (Porter) 

I Got The Blues (Jagger/Richards) 

I Go Wild (Jagger/Richards) 

I'm A King Bee (Moore) 

If You Really Want To Be My Friend (Jagger/Richards) 

I'm Free (Jagger/Richards) 

I'm Going Down (Jagger/Richards) 

I'm Gonna Drive (Jagger/Richards) 

In Another Land (Wyman) 

Indian Girl (Jagger/Richards) 

It Hurts Me Too (James) 

It Must Be Hell (Jagger/Richards) 

It's All Over Now (B. and S. Womack) 

It's Not Easy (Jagger/Richards) 

It's Only Rock 'n Roll (Jagger/Richards) 

It Takes A Lot To Laugh (Dylan) 

Jump On Top Of Me (Jagger/Richards) 

I've Been Loving You Too Long 

Want To Be Loved (Willie Dixon) 

Jig-Saw Puzzle (Jagger/Richards) 

Jiving Sister Fanny (Jagger/Richards) 

John Wesley Harding (Dylan) 

Jumpin' Jack Flash (Jagger/Richards) 

I Wanna Be Your Man (John Lennon/Paul McCartney) 

Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) (Whitfield/Strong) 

Just Want To See His Face (Jagger/Richards) 

Lady Jane (Jagger/Richards) 

Let It Bleed (Jagger/Richards) 

Let It Loose (Jagger/Richards) 

Let It Rock (Chuck Berry) 

Let Me Go (Jagger/Richards) 

Let's Spend The Night Together (Jagger/Richards) 

Lies (Jagger/Richards) 

Like A Rolling Stone (Bob Dylan) 

Little Baby (Willie Dixon) 

Live With Me (Jagger/Richards) 

Little Queenie (Chuck Berry) 

Little Red Rooster (Willie Dixon) 

Little T & A (Jagger/Richards) 

Little By Little (Nanker Phelge/Phil Spector) 

 You Gotta Move (Fred McDowell)

You Got The Silver (Jagger/Richards) 

You Got Me Rocking (Jagger/Richards) 

You Can't Catch Me (Berry) 

You Can Make It If You Try (Jarret) 

You Better Move On (Alexander) 

Yesterday's Papers (Jagger/Richards) 

Do You Think I Really Care? (Jagger/Richards/Wood) 

Worried About You (Jagger/Richards) 

Winter (Jagger/Richards) 

Winning Ugly (Jagger/Richards) 

Will You Love Me Tomorrow? 

Wild Horses (Jagger/Richards) 

Who Do You Love? (Bo Diddley) 

Who's Been Sleeping Here (Jagger/Richards) 

Who's Driving Your Plane? (Jagger/Richards)  

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