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Rolling Stones.

Who's Been Sleeping Here (Jagger/Richards) 

Who Do You Love? (Bo Diddley) 

Where The Boys Go (Jagger/Richards) 

When The Whip Comes Down (Jagger/Richards) 

What To Do (Jagger/Richards) 

What A Shame (Richards/Jagger) 

We're Wastin' Time (Jagger/Richards) 

We Love You (Jagger/Richards) 

We Had It All (T Seals/D Fritts) 

Wanna Hold You (Jagger/Richards) 

Walking The Dog (Thomas) 

Rice Crispies Jingle (Music: Brian Jones/Lyrics: J.W. Thompson) 

Waiting On A Friend (Jagger/Richards) 

Ventilator Blues (Jagger/Richards/Taylor) 

Uptight (Stewie Wonder) 

Under The Boardwalk (Resnick/Young) 

Tumbling Dice (Jagger/Richards) 

Undercover Of The Night (Jagger/Richards) 

Twenty Flight Rock (Fairchild/Cochran)

Turd On The Run (Jagger/Richards)  

Under My Thumb (Jagger/Richards) 

Try A Little Harder (Jagger/Richards)

Torned And Frayed (Jagger/Richards) 

Tops (Jagger/Richards) 

Too Tough (Jagger/Richards) 

Too Rude (Lindon Roberts/Lowell Dunbar/Robert Shakspeare) 

Too Much Blood (Jagger/Richards) 

Time Waits For No One (Jagger/Richards) 

Time Is On My Side (Norman Meade) 

Till The Next Goodbye (Jagger/Richards) 

Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love) (Jagger/Richards) 

Thru And Thru (Jagger/Richards) 

Through The Lonely Nights (Jagger/Richards) 

Think (Jagger/Richards) 

The Singer Not The Song (Jagger/Richards) 

The Worst (Jagger/Richards) 

The Storm (Jagger/Richards) 

The Spider And The Fly (Jagger/Richards) 

Thief In The Night (Jagger/Richards/De Beauport) 

The Last Time (Jagger/Richards) 

The Lantern (Jagger/Richards) 

The Harder They Come (Cliff) 

That's How Strong My Love Is (Jamison) 

Terrifying (Jagger/Richards) 

Tell Me (You're Coming Back) (Jagger/Richards) 

Talkin' About You (Chuck Berry) 

Take It Or Leave It (Jagger/Richards) 

Sympathy For The Devil (Jagger/Richards) 

Sweet Virginia (Jagger/Richards)  

Sweet Little Sixteen (Berry)  

Sweethearts Together (Jagger/Richards) 

Sweet Black Angel (Jagger/Richards) 

Sway (Jagger/Richards) 

Suck On The Jugular (Jagger/Richards) 

Surprise, Surprise (Jagger/Richards) 

Summertime Blues (Cochran/Capeheart) 

Summer Romance (Jagger/Richards) 

Susie Q (Broadwater/Lewis/Hawkins) 

Stupid Girl (Jagger/Richards) 

Street Fighting Man (Jagger/Richards) 

Stray Cat Blues (Jagger/Richards) 

Star Star (Jagger/Richards) 

Star Star (Jagger/Richards) 

Stop Breaking Down (Robert Johnson) 

Still A Fool (Morganfield) 

Start Me Up (Jagger/Richards) 

Sparks Will Fly (Jagger/Richards) 

Some Girls (Jagger/Richards) 

Sleep Tonight (Jagger/Richards) 

Slave (Jagger/Richards) 

Sitting On A Fence (Jagger/Richards) 

Sister Morphine (Jagger/Richards/Faithful) 

Sing This All Together (Jagger/Richards) 

Silver Train (Jagger/Richards)

Short And Curlies (Jagger/Richards)  

Shine A Light (Jagger/Richards) 

She Was Hot (Jagger/Richards) 

She's So Cold (Jagger/Richards) 


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