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CD 1: Slade Alive-1972:  1. Hear Me Calling  2. In Like A Shot From My Gun 3. Darling Be Home Soon  4. Know Who You Are  5. Keep On Rocking  6. Get Down And Get With It  7. Born To Be Wild  Slade Alive Vol. 2-1978:  8. Get On Up  9. Tak' Me Bak 'Ome  10. My Baby Left Me  11. Be  12. Mama Weer All Crazee Now  13. Burnin' In The Heat Of Love  14. Everyday  15. Gudbuy T'Jane  16. One-Eyed Jacks With Moustaches  17. Cum On Feel The Noize
CD 2: Slade On Stage-1982:  1. Rock And Roll Preacher  2. When I'm Dancin' I Ain't Fightin'  3. Tak' Me Bak 'Ome  4. Everyday  5. Lock Up Your Daughters  6. We'll Bring The House Down  7. A Night To Remember  8. Gudbuy T'Jane  9. Mama Weer All Crazee Now  10. You'll Never Walk Alone  Alive At Reading '80:  11. When I'm Dancin' I Ain't Fightin'  12. Born To Be Wild  13. Something Else/Pistol Packin' Mama/Keep A Rollin'  14. Merry Xmas Everbody  15. Okey Cokey  16. Get Down And Get With It  /  Remastered by Tim Turan

Playing times: CD 1: 79:58 Min.  /  CD 2:  65:48
2006  SALVOCD201  -  Union Square Music Ltd.

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