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Ready To Explode


Hello and welcome to what looks like being
A very exciting race today
Among the top drivers are Noddy
Holder of the Brahms and Lizst Cup
His team mate is one of Britain's
Whildest fellows, James Lea
Let's hope his accident record
Can be overcome today
And now, just coming down the straight
In the all familiar black and gold colours
Dave Hill, one of motor racing's
True Super Yob's
His team mate is Don Powell
And my goodness me
from where I'm sitting it looks as though
They're ready to explode!

Sitting here in my mean machine
I'm ready to explode
Looking out of my helmet at the faces

I been wondering all night long
If I will live or die..........yeh
It's always the same before the races

I got some hot line information
About the man who's occupation Is driving the cars
Standing out there on the grid

And it's a kind of fascination
And it demands full concentration
The kind of a job
We all dreamed of as a kid

I can see on the track ahead
The heat is rising high
Gotta win for the team and it's never easy

I been feeling the butterflies
Strapped into my seat.......yeh
And already the tension's getting to me

We're waiting in anticipation
For some official indication
They're ready to go
Revving up and hit the road

Cos it's another big occasion
And there won't be no relaxation
They're ready to go
And they're Ready To Explode

You're gonna drive 'em round the bend
Have a go on the chicane
Gonna drive 'em round the bend
Without a warning......
Ready now to explode


And now the cars are on the grid
And it looks like today's conditions
Couldn't be better for a great race
We're just waiting for the starter, Mr Slade
To give the O.K.
There goes the green light and they're off!

Who's gonna be the big sensation
Who'll be the champion of the nation
In one of them cars
Standing out there on the grid

He's gonna get a big ovation
Be the champion of the nation
The kind of a thrill
We all dreamed of as a kid

I don't wanna break down
And I wanna explode

Don't lemme break down
Don't lemme break down
Don't lemme break down
I wanna explode
I wanna explode
I wanna explode
I wanna explode

Ever since I was just thirteen
I had a crazy reoccuring dream
To be faster than the speed of sound
It was the only way to get around........oh yeh

Speeding in my dreams
Speeding in my dreams

Seventeen and I passed my test
Never settling for second best
I knew right away what I'd like
It was a 750 motorbike........oh yeh

Speeding in my dreams
Speeding in my dreams
Oh yeh.......Oh yeh.......Oh yeh

I was living for speed
L..L..L..Living for speed
I was living for
I was living for speed.......


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