Cum On Let's Party




2007    B-Sides 
CD 1:  1. One Way Hotel  2. C'mon C'mon  3. Do You Want Me  4. The Gospel According To Rasputin  5. My Life Is Natural  6. Candidate  7. Wonderin' Y  8. Man Who Speeks Evil  9. I Won't Let It 'Appen Agen  10. I'm Mee I'm Now And That's Orl  11. Kill 'em At The Hot Club Tonite  12. My Town  13. Don't Blame Me  14. She Did It To Me  15. OK Yesterday Was Yesterday  16. So Far So Good  17. Raining In My Champagne  18. Can You Just Imagine  19. When The Chips Are Down  20. L.A. Jinx  21. Forest Full Of Needles
CD 2:  1. Ready Steady Kids  2. O.H.M.S.  3. Daddio  4. It's Alright Buy Me  5. Not Tonight Josephine  6. Funk Punk & Junk  7. Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply  8. Don't Tame A Hurricane  9. Two Track Stereo One Track Mind  10. Here's To... (The New Year)  11. Leave Them Girls Alone  12. Mama Nature Is A Rocker  13. My Oh My (Swing Version)  14. Gotta Go Home  15. Don't Talk To Me About Love  16. Wild Wild Party  17. You Boyz Make Big Noize (Instrumental)  18. Lay Your Love On The Line  19. Red Hot

Remastered by Tim Turan
Playing time: CD 1: 72:40 Min.  /  CD 2: 58:05 Min.

2007  SALVOCD203  -  Union Square Music Ltd

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