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I Win, You Lose


You can try
Taking me out of my home town
You can't take my home town out of me
Oh oh I win you lose

You can make
You can make fun of my background
When there's nobody else around
Oh oh I win you lose
I win you lose

We all walk the narrow line
And all get the seven year itch
We all think we're doing fine

Miles apart
It's getting harder to take the strain
I'm only human and I feel the pain
Oh oh I win you lose

Shame on me
Infidelity on the brain
Too many promises 'll go down the drain
I win you lose
I win you lose


Hey there ain't
Ain't no place like my home you see
Nobody's gonna make a monkey o'me
Oh oh I win you lose
I win you lose
I win you lose
I win you lose

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