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You Can Make It If You Try (Jarret)

You can make it if you try
You can make it if you try
You can make it if you try
Yeh, yeh you can make it if you try

Sometime you had to fall
Don't you know sometime you want to cry
Don't it make you feel so bad sometime
You wanna lay down and die
Yeh, yeh, you can make it if you try, ummmmm

If you're baby treats you wrong
Don't run around being blue
Remember my friend
Everybdody can't win
'Cuz you know sometime, sometime
You got to lose

You can make it if you try
They always told me
I could make it if I tried
I'm going to make it if i try
Yeh, yeh, I'm gonna make it if I try
If you try

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Lyrics. Vinyl. Тексты песен Slade. Lyrics2. Vinyl. Тексты песен Slade. Lyrics3. Vinyl. Тексты песен Slade.
Classic Rock Festival 2008

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