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Тексты песен Alice Cooper

How You Gonna  

For Veronica's Sake  

Jackknife Johnny  


Talk Talk  



No More Mister Nice Guy  

Leather Boots  

Aspirin Damage

Nuclear Infected  

Grim Facts  

Model Citizen  

Dance Yourself To Death  


Who Do You Think We Are  

Seven And Seven Is  

Prettiest Cop On The Block  

Don't Talk Old To Me  

Generation Landslide  

Bye Bye Baby  

Be With You Awhile  

Detroit City  

Spirits Rebellious  

This House Is Haunted  

Love Should Never Feel  

The Song That Didn't Rhyme  

I'm So Angry  

Backyard Brawl  

Woman Of Mass Distraction  


You Make Me Wanna  

Dirty Diamonds  

The Saga Of Jesse Jane  

Sunset Babies  

Pretty Ballerina  

Run Down The Devil  

Steal That Car  

Six Hours  

Your Own Worst Enemy  

Zombie Dance  


The Sharpest Pain  

I Know Where You Live  

Vengeance Is Mine  

Wake The Dead  

Catch Me If You Can  

Your Feminine Side  

Wrapped In Silk  

Killed By Love  

I'm Hungry  

The One That Got Away  


I Am The Spider  

What Do You Want  

Between High School  

Man Of The Year  



Sister Sara  

Every Woman Has A Name  

I Just Wanna Be God  

It's Much Too Late  

The Sentinel  

Burning Our Bed  

Dangerous Tonight  

Might As Well Be On Mars  

Feed My Frankenstein  

Hurricane Years  

Little By Little  

Die For You  

Dirty Dreams  

Wind-Up Toy  


Nothing's Free  

Lost In America  

Bad Place Alone  

You're My Temptation


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