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Тексты песен Alice Cooper


Fields Of Regret  

Today Mueller

Today Mueller  

No Longer Umpire  

Levity Ball  


Apple Bush  

Earwigs To Eternity  

Changing Arranging  

Mr And MisDemeanor  

Shoe Salesman  

Still No Air  

Below Your Means  

Return Of The Spiders  

Laughing At Me  

Refrigerator Heaven  

Beautiful Flyaway  

Under My Wheels  

Be My Lover  

Halo Of Flies  


You Drive Me Nervous  

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah  

Dead Babies  


Caught In A Dream  

I'm Eighteen  

Long Way To Go  

Black Juju

No More Mister Nice Guy   

Is It My Body  

Hallowed Be My Name  

Second Coming  

Ballad Of Dwight Fry  

Sun Arise  

School's Out  

Luney Tune  

Gutter Cats Vs  

Blue Turk  

My Stars  

Public Animal  

Alma Mater  

Hello Hooray  

Raped And Freezing  


Billion Dollar Babies  

Unfinished Sweet  

No More Mister Nice Guy  

Generation Landslide  


I Love The Dead  

Big Apple Dreamin'  

Never Been Sold Before  

Heard Hearted Alice  

Crazy Little Child  

Teenage Lament '74  

Woman Machine  

Welcome To My Nightmare  

Devil's Food  

The Black Window  

Some Folks  

Only Women Bleed  

Department Of Youth  

Cold Ethyl  

Years Ago  


The Awakening  


A Bedtime Story  

Go To Hell  

You Gotta Dance  

I'm The Coolest  

Didn't We Meet  

Never Cry  

Give The Kid A Break  


Wake Me Gently  

Wish You Were Here  

I'm Always Chasing Rainbows  

Going Home  

It's Hot Tonight  

Lace And Whiskey  

Road Rats  

Damned If You Do  

And Me  

King Of The Silver  

Ubangi Stomp  

Love At Your Convenience  

I Never Wrote  

My God  

From The Inside  

Wish I Were Born In  

The Quiet Room  

Nurse Rozetta  

Millie And Billie  




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